VCatcher 3.46

Capture and convert streaming video from across the web


  • Quick download and video conversions
  • Ability to take screen captures in videos
  • Tons of presets for devices
  • Intelligently detects video streams


  • Limited trial
  • No full screen with built in video player

Very good

VCatcher is a screen capture, video converter, and streaming video capture program.

In a way, VCatcher is three different programs. Some YouTube downloaders only download the video files and rely on external applications to convert the files to work with certain devices. VCatcher takes all the thinking out of downloading and converting videos from around the web.

One of the best features of VCatcher is its ability to immediately begin downloading videos as soon as you start playing them within the browser. VCatcher intelligently detects when a video is playing and automatically downloads them into its data base. From within the app, you can then view the videos you've captured or you can choose to convert them to work with other devices.

VCatcher comes with a ton of different device presets so common devices like the Xbox, iPhone, and PS3 all have presets. What's even better is the fact that each device comes with its own set of presets so you can convert video to 1080p, 720p, and more. This really makes converting your video extremely.

We were also impressed with the performance of VCatcher's video conversion. Videos converted extremely quickly and played back flawlessly. Quality, even after compression, is very good. Downloading video was also fairly quick but will depend on how quick your internet connection is.

Overall, VCatcher is a great application to capture video from your desktop or from around the web. There are many little features that make VCatcher ideal for capturing and converting web video.

Download, record, and convert videos and music from thousands of web-sites like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotuion, Facebook.

Automatically download videos and music from thousands of websites that use HTTP-protocol. You can also download video files manually by entering the URL (works for YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc).

Record video from PC screen. VCatcher gives you the ability to record any video even if it is highly protected from downloading.

Record online music to MP3 format. This works for all websites. VCatcher has integrated audio driver, through which music is captured without loss of quality. Also available for Scype calls recording.

Convert media files to play on all popular devices (IPad, IPhone, PSP, etc). Extract the sound from most video file types. Create ringtones. Cut fragments of desired duration. Change quality. Apply video effects.

VCatcher provides you with many features but doesn't waste your time on getting started and extremely user friendly. Inside you will find a short video tutorial. Two minutes - and you'll be able to master the program.



VCatcher 3.46

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